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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Save Your Cell Phone When it Gets Wet!!!!!

Yesterday while we were at the Zoo, my cell phone wound up at the bottom of the pond in the ring tailed lemur habitat. (Don't Ask! lol) 
After about 15 minutes a zoo keeper found a rake and we both leaned over the concrete wall and fished out my cell phone. Today it works just fine!!!!!!!

Here is how you can save your wet cell phone:
No matter how hard it is, resist the urge to try to turn it on or do anything! That can short everything out. 
1. Remove the battery immediately. Also remove memory card and sims card if you have them.
2. Blow on the speaker areas to blow out the water. You can also try vacuuming it out but NEVER use a hair dryer!
3. Put your cell phone in a large bowl or cup and completely cover in dry uncooked rice. The sooner the better! If it the type of phone that flips open, make sure it's opened. 
4. Let it sit til the next day. 
5. Wipe off any rice powder and replace battery. 
6. Try to power up. If it doesn't try charging it. The battery could have lost it's charge during the event.
If it comes on and isn't acting right, take the battery off again and put back in rice. 

My phone was at the bottom of the pond for over 15 minutes and it took 4 hours to get home and put it in rice. Less than 24 hours later I can use it just fine. 

Note if you drop it in salt water(like the ocean) you will actually want to rinse it quickly with fresh water to get the salt out. Water dries but salt will remain and turn into crystals. 

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