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Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates and New Information for Anyone Considering Adoption.

I am not affiliated with Bethany Christian Services. I simply want to spread the word about adoption. 

Bethany Christian Services Family Finder
March 2012
Meet Cassie (14) • Pennsylvania
CassieCassie is an energetic young lady who enjoys singing, dancing, and roller skating. She warms up easily to adults. Cassie loves hearing jokes and laughing. She enjoys working on puzzles, playing board games, and watching TV. Her favorite shows are Hannah Montana andiCarly. Cassie loves trying new things, including live theater and going to amusement parks. She is doing well in school, gets along with other kids, and attends special education classes. Math is her favorite subject. Cassie needs a family who will be patient and loving and who will provide her with a strong support system. She would like to be the only child in the family and wants to maintain contact with her siblings.
  • People from other states can adopt Cassie. 
    To learn more about her, please call 1.800.215.0702
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Children in Russia, China, Bulgaria & Lithuania

  • We are looking for families to adopt children under the age of 4 in Russia.
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  • Thousands of children in China are waiting for to be adopted. 
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  • Children who have identified special needs are waiting in Bulgaria and Lithuania for families to adopt them. 
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Two New Adoption Pilot Programs In Africa!
In both programs, there is a wide variety of children of various ages available for adoption, including some younger children. A limited number of applicants will be accepted.

  • Uganda: (Accepting married applicants)
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  • Ghana: (Accepting single and married applicants)
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Keep them coming!

Thank you for sending us your Bethany adoption stories. We continue to need stories for LifeLines and for electronic media, so keep them coming! We are particularly looking for stories about:
  • Post-Adoption challenges and solutions
  • Older Child Adoption (from foster care)
  • Foster Care
  • Safe Families for Children™
  • An adult adoptee's perspective on adoption
  • A sibling's perspective on adoption
  • Open Adoption   

Send us your original, unpublished stories in a Word document (1,000 to 1,500 words) of your finalized adoption. Let us know what Bethany office you adopted through and who your adoption specialist was. We will contact you if we plan to publish your article! Contact Us 

Bethany Bookstore Close-Out Sale!   

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  • The Open Adoption Experience: $7.70
  • Raising Adopted Children: $6.30
  • Toddler Adoption: $6.65
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  • Talking with Young Children About Adoption: $8.93
  • Adopting the Hurt Child: $6.88
  • Attaching in Adoption: $7.48
  • Thriving as an Adoptive Family: $7.00
New Arrivals!

If you have adopted a child through Bethany and would like to feature him or her in the "Arrivals" section of LifeLines, complete the online media release formAll children adopted through Bethany are welcome: infants, international children, and older children adopted after foster care.Submit your arrival

Have You Joined the Conversation Yet?

Are you looking for support and information? Bethany offers discussion forums geared toward domestic and international adoptive families, adoptees, birthparents, and foster families. We can point you to a caring, online community that can support and encourage you in your journey.  Join the conversation
 Join the conversation

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