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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How can coffee help a family? Did you know that with every bag of Just Love Coffee you purchase, you are helping families worldwide?

If you're ever interested in buying awesome coffee that helps others in the process, check this out:

The family that started Just Love Coffee wanted a way to help as many people as possible, so they travel and teach families in other countries how to harvest, roast and run their own roasting business, then various people apply to get a commission from the coffee sold thru their personal links to raise funds for them to adopt. The link above helps personal friends raising funds to adopt from ethiopia. They will receive $5.00 for every bag sold for their adoption costs. You can learn more about the Krause Family on our Adopting Families page.The coffee is fabulous and the company and all it does is too.

From the Just Love Coffee website:
"Rob Webb grew up in the coffee business. When he was two years old his father started a coffee company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that Rob runs today. For years he dreamed of roasting his own specialty coffees. In the spring of 2009, Rob and his wife, Emily, added to their family of four by adopting from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. While preparing for the adoption, Rob and Emily immersed themselves in Ethiopian culture by reading, talking with Ethiopian-Americans, and learning Amharic- the most widely spoken language in Ethiopia. Being immersed in the culture of Ethiopia and in the adoption process kindled an idea that began to take shape. What if he could create fine, artisan coffees and use some of the profits to help other families raise the funds to adopt? From that idea, Just Love Coffees was born.

Next came the vision of not only creating outstanding coffees, but coffees that are fair and sustainable. Fair- meaning that the coffee farmers are paid a living wage for their work. Sustainable- meaning that the coffee cherries are grown and harvested in a way that protects our precious natural resources.  Just Love coffees purchases only organic, shade grown, coffee beans- Fair Trade Certified, when available. In addition, Just Love is a Fair Trade Certified company.

In early 2011, Rob and Emily began to discuss what more they could do through the company to help the plight of the orphan. What could Just Love do to not only help place orphans in permanent homes, through both domestic and international adoption, but help to prevent children in the developing world from becoming orphaned? Through friends, Rob and Emily had contributed to the non-profit organization Charity: Water, and learned about the immense need for clean water in the developing world to promote wellness. They decided that 5% of all sales of Just Love coffee would go to Charity: Water through the Coffee to Water program.

In our first two years of business, we have given away over $200,000 to adopting families, orphan care, and non-profit organizations. Every bag of Just Love Coffee you purchase, every cup you drink at a café, is a blend of coffee and love. Thank you for helping us Share the Love!"
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