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Monday, October 8, 2012

What is Columbus Day and why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

My friend and historical writer, Amy Waters Yarsinske, wrote this about Columbus Day, and I thought it was really eloquent. 

"Remembering that today is Columbus Day, here's a bit of the history of why we set aside this day. But there is this important note: Columbus wasn't the first European to reach the Americas. But he made the most of it, for better or worse. As an aside, some western states observe Columbus Day as Native American Day - not as widely known - but a little research and it is easy to find. Some might observe that Europeans and such planted flags in the great colonization of the rest of the world - just do a bit of reading about human migration - including that of Native Americans and other people now considered to precede that colonization. We all came from somewhere other than where we started - the great historian, now deceased, John Keegan, spent a career telling this story and it would behoove any of us today to read his work before calling the European colonization a bad thing. As the continents split apart millions of years ago and land bridges made migrations possible, we as all humanity found the best place here and there to survive. Let's not try to rewrite what is and appreciate where we are today. Happy Columbus Day - really a remembrance of human achievement and endurance more than anything else."

You can learn more about Colubus Day HERE: http://abcnews.go.com/US/columbus-day-2012-hero-villain/story?id=17406546#.UHL94VGb3oM

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