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Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Build and Run a Cub Scout Cub Mobile Race.

I'm hoping to get a diagram on how to build a ramp soon. I will also be adding pictures of our ramp and race set up after our race in May. 
When holding your cubmobile, consider making it a pitch in picnic. We hold ours in a park or school parking lot with a nearby shelter. Our pack provides hot dogs, condiments and paper products(such as plates). Families bring a side dish (Tigers, Wolves and Bears) and desserts (Webelos) to share, and each family provides their own drinks and chairs. 

Before the race, each den makes shirts for their den "team". You can tie-die, use iron-ons, stencils, etc. This helps the dens to be identified together and also gives them a fun project and keep sake.

Before the race have leaders set up your ramp. We have used hay, tires and pvc pipe to block off the race track. This is VERY important to keep the cars from steering into the crowd watching the race. The pvc pipe was by far the easiest to set up and worked really well! You'll want a fairly long track. We have 2 people at the end that time the racers with a stop watch to get the overall time, much like during a pinewood derby race. We then use a computer program to track all the times. We are hoping to tweak this process this year. I will post what we learn. 

These are the official rules and building specifications from BSA. 
Please remember your son has to wear a helmet in order to ride and have close-toed shoes.You will find the rules below.  Cubmobiles are wooden cars, built to seat one cub scout. The cars are built to exact specifications, decorated and raced over a series of heats. Each den builds their own car. Building a car as a den can fulfill several scout requirements in all ranks--- Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos The cubmobiles are powered by gravity. The cars start the race from a sloped starting ramp. Scouts race each other -- two scouts per heat to avoid crashes. Please remember that this is a scouting event. Please be good sports and most importantly have fun!

Cubmobile Rules and Specifications
  1. Please read all of the “rules and Specifications” carefully before beginning to construct your Cubmobile. Failure to follow all of the following “Rules and Specifications” will automatically disqualify your Cubmobile.
  2. Wheels must not exceed 10 inches in diameter (measured to outside edge of tire).
  3. All wheels must be equipped with solid rubber.
  4. Car frame is made of 2”x4” construction lumber. 
  5. The overall length of car is a maximum of 5 feet; the wheel base a maximum of 4 feet; and the width not to exceed 3 feet.
  6. Use roundhead ! inch bolts to hold frame. Screws are a second choice. Nails are not suitable and cannot be used, as they may work loose. 
  7. All cars must have a seat with a braced backrest so the driver can comfortably steer with his feet. EXTEND the backrest into a pushbar (as shown in the diagram) to a height that is comfortable for the average pusher, but may not exceed three feet above ground. 
  8. Steering is done with the drivers’ feet (which are placed on the front axle, NEAR THE WHEELS) and the hands holding a rope fastened to the front axle near the wheels. A half-hitch knot should be tied near the knees to keep the rope from slipping through the hands giving less control. No other steering mechanism is acceptable. 
  9. If threaded axles are used, the knots must be secured with cotter pins or wires.
  10. Cars must be equipped with an adequate safety belt secured to the main frame that can be easily operated by the scouts.
  11. Cars must be equipped with a handbrake with its rubbing surface faced with a rubber material (such as a strip of an old tire). This will aid in stopping the car when dragged on the ground.
  12. 2”x4” safety blocks must be attached to the front axle  ̋ “ from the centerboard on either side to limit the turning radius. Please see diagram
  13. All drivers must wear protective headgear and gloves, provided by race officials for the Long Push. Teams are to provide their own helmet(s) for the down hill dash.
  14. All pushers must wear protective kneepads, helmet and gloves provided by race officials for the Long Push.
  15. Dens/teams of boys who are currently in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades will compete in the Cub Scout Division. 
  16. Dens/teams of boys who are currently in 4th and 5th grades will compete in the WeBeLoS Scout Division. Teams with both Cub Scouts and WeBeLoS Scouts will compete in the WeBeLoS Scout Division.
  17. All participants must be currently registered as a Cub Scout.
  18. All Scouts must be in Class “A” uniforms for all events.
  19. All cars must be built by dens/teams with adults helping only with power tools. 
  20. All decorations must be done by the den/team members only.
  21. Each den/team may register only one car. 
  22. A pack may enter as many dens/teams as they wish in either division. However, a boy can only participate in one den/team and each den/team must have their own car. 
  23. Each car must clearly display the Pack and den number. 
  24. Drivers must keep their feet on the axle/steering bar at all times and are not allowed to pump or push with their hands or feet. 
  25. Pushers must keep their hands on the pushbar or driver at all times. 
  26. Den Leaders/parents will not be allowed to help the boys once racing has begun. 
  27. Each den/team member must race the car that they are registered with. 
  28. Race officials may disqualify any car or den/team for failure to conform to the rulesand specifications, unsafe construction, or unsportsmanlike conduct (including leaders/parents). Additional time may be assessed for other infractions. The race officials’ decisions are final!
I found this neat variation, if anyone wants to try it. 

Looks like it might be easier for the boys to steer.

For more cub scout resources, check out my Cub Scout Resource Page HERE.

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  1. This is a great post! I would like to use the top Cubmobile image for a local paper. Would that be ok with you?

    1. It is not my photo. It is an official BSA photo. I'm sure you can use it in regards to cubmobile with reference to BSA as I did. We will be running our annual cubmobile this weekend! It's a great event that everyone loves!


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