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Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I have Ads on My Page. And How They Can Help Others.

Ever noticed the ads on my page. Ever wonder if I put them there and what they're for? 

Well the answer is I have placed all the ads on my page myself. They allow the blog to generate income that I can turn around and donate! It takes a LOT to earn anything from the ads, so it may take some time. When I have earned enough for a cash out, I will add a survey on the blog, so that you, the readers, can vote on which charities or families to donate the money too. 

All of the ads are safe and approved by me, so don't hesitate to check any of them out when you see them. It's against the rules to tell you how to generate funds and which of the ads do that(some don't, they're just to promote things I like). So just use the site naturally.

Enjoy perusing the blog! 

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